Charter Packages
Offshore Long Range
Bluefin Trip
Take a long-range tuna trip to San Clemente Island or deep down south in Mexico, depending on where the fish are biting. Your main target will be Bluefin Tuna, while fishing for other types of pelagic fish too. You will leave in the late morning since trophy Bluefin bite in the afternoon. You will venture far offshore, locate the biomass, catch some monsters, and return to the dock after dark. This is a 12 to 15 hour trip.

Offshore Full Day Trip
If you're in search of the best full day trip around, look no further. We head out quickly from the San Diego shore to deep waters on our super fast and smooth Boston Whaler. Settle into a lucrative fishing spot - depending on where the fish are active - and nab the biggest, baddest fish our waters provide - Yellowtail, Dorado, Marlin, Bonito, Skipjack, and more!

Coronado Islands
Day Trip
Does angling in beautiful island waters loaded with schools of fish and with few other boats sounds like paradise? Then the Coronado Islands have your name on them. Located off the coast of Baja, the Coronado Islands are home to huge schools of local Yellowtail, Bonitos, Rock Cod and other pelagic species that make for great fishing and eating. The area is heavily protected by the Mexican government, requiring permits that are difficult to nab, but if you get them, you're blessed with a lucrative fishing spot with few other anglers. This is a 10-12 hour trip, leaving at 6am and returning around 6pm. We take care of the Biosphere and FNM permits that are hard to come by. Anglers are responsible for Mexican/USA fishing license.
Half Day Trip
San Diego is in a prime location to get you out on the sea, fishing within minutes. That means that even on a 6-hour charter you can fill the boat with plenty of delicious fish. Head to the nearshore waters, up to 20 miles from the shore, and catch anything from Yellowtail to Sheephead, Rockfish to Bass, Halibut, Lingcod, Bonito, and more. Get in touch with your captain and he will arrange the departure time according to your needs, usually 6am or 1pm.
Lobster Evening Trip
Set out on Mission Bay after dusk to take a trip you always remember: lobster fishing. This is a 5-hour excursion that leaves at sunset (exact time will vary). You and up to four others will jump aboard and set out to find these delicious crustaceans by dropping Hoop Nets in prime lobster real estate. All gear and bait are included. You just need your lobster cards and snacks and beverages.
Beach & Bay Cruise
Not into fishing? No problem. We're happy to take you on the bay and out to sea to explore San Diego's waters and hidden beaches. Jump off the back of the boat for a swim, picnic on a tucked away spot of bay or hit the rolling waves on Pacific Beach. You and up to three guests can enjoy boating to the fullest with a knowledgeable and friendly captain. This is a six hour trip starting at your preferred hour of day.
Dolphin & Whale Tours
Want to spot dolphins and whales in their natural environment? You and up to three guests will get a private excursion to see bottlenose, pacific white-sided and common dolphins. Known for being playful and social animals, dolphins often ride alongside the boat, jumping and surfing the wake. During the peak whale-watching season, from mid-December to late April, you can spot migrating gray whales that travel over 10,000 from Alaska to Baja and back, passing each way through San Diego. The summer months also offer opportunities for spotting blue whale, among the most endangered great whales. This is a five hour trip, from 9am-2pm.
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