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Bluefin Tuna Fishing Season 2021 Outlook
in Southern California
March 23, 2021
Yes, the bluefin tuna fishing season has already started for 2021!
It's been early one for sure. The season usually gets steam in a good year in March, but we've been seeing signs of bluefin since late February. Is this a sign of a killer bluefin season? Read on to learn more about our bluefin tuna fishing season 2021 outlook:

What We Are Seeing in the
San Diego Area So Far
Bluefin tuna fishing season starts when water temperatures rise from their winter lows. When the water warms up, bluefin chase micro anchovies, red crabs, sardines, and other creatures they love to eat. This is typically sometime in March or April, although it depends. The water temperature needs to be at least 60 degrees. Sometimes it takes longer for the water to reach the lower-limit temperatures for bluefin fishing.

So far the 2021 bluefin tuna fishing season is producing sporadic schools of fish in the San Diego area. We've seen some foamers, or schools of bluefin schooling near the surface, for a few weeks now. There's also been plenty of sightings of birds swarming above the waters, working bait with the bluefin underneath. There hasn't been a ton of volume, but the signs of an early bluefin tuna fishing season are definitely there.

Two methods have worked really well so far in the 2021 bluefin tuna fishing season:

1. A surface iron being across the surface.
This technique might be called "West Coast style." We use long rods with smooth-casting conventional reels with the surface iron typically made out of aluminum alloy. Meant to target boiling on the top of the water, these lures require a lot of skill when casting. The fish often bite while retrieving at the top of the water or just below it.

2. Casting with a popper.
A classic technique often used for other types of fish, a popper is a type of lure that simulates distressed bait on the surface of the water. It's a great way to reel in bluefin foamers when properly cast.

Captain Dan's Tip: when surface fishing bluefin, look for the bait ball the fish are working and place your cast as close as you can to that spot.
What's Happening Down South
Okay, here's the exciting part.

The biggest biomass of bluefin tuna is still down in Mexico, since the water temperatures are warmer and ideal for feeding at this time. This large biomass is located about 200 miles south of Tijuana in an area called Punta Colonet in Baja California. In it are TONS of big bluefin tuna of all sizes, from "little" big guys of 60 pounds or so to monster mothers weighing 150 pounds plus.

We've been talking to big boats and private boats returning from 10-15 day trips and heading straight back out. They are reporting fields of foamers and giant breezers (fish passing through but not biting).

As if this wasn't good enough news, here's a real telling sign of how good bluefin fishing is off Baja now:
The Mexican seiner fleet filled their annual quota by January 16.
San Diego Bluefin Tuna Fishing
Season 2021 Outlook

So what does the big, biting biomass in Baja mean for us in Southern California?

It's a good sign to say the least.

As the water temperatures continue to warm up, more and more of the biomass will head to our waters. Since the biomass is considerable and filled with lots of large fish, there's a better than good chance we'll have a long and rewarding bluefin tuna fishing season in 2021.

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